Strategic Meetings Management

Clare Morrow, March

Although most of us have heard of it, Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP) is possibly one of the most commonly misunderstood business terms in the meetings and events industry. What is Strategic Meetings Management? Why should my company have a program? Isn’t it very complicated and time consuming to implement?

Perhaps the best industry recognised definition of Strategic Meetings Management is:

“The disciplined approach to managing enterprise-wide meeting and event related processes, activities, metrics, standards, and supplier strategies to achieve business objectives, quantitative cost savings, risk mitigation, and optimal service levels.”

In other words, it’s all the work that goes into ensuring your staff get the most out of the meetings run by your organization. This includes workflow, sourcing, vendor selection, meeting policy administration, financial management, attendee management, and reporting/analytics.

In the environment of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical events, where budgets are constantly tightened and compliance and regulatory guidelines are ever stricter, the reason to implement a SMMP is simple. Such a program will enable your company to contain and reduce costs, mitigate regulatory risk and constantly deliver engaging, consistent events.

Some companies, particularly small enterprises, believe that an SMMP is not suitable for their organisation. However, the best practices involved in implementing a SMMP can be applied to any business, no matter how large or small, with the potential for significant cost savings and efficiencies within the first year.

At Small Planet we specialise in developing and implementing SMMPs for our customers. We can help you understand your meeting
data, identify areas for cost savings and return on investment – and streamline your policies and procedures to increase efficiencies and reduce duplication of effort.

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