Case Studies

Streamlining a company’s event processes and procedures

Our client asked us to re-engineer its Meetings Management processes – including spend, suppliers and procedures – in order to reduce cost and mitigate risk.

We were chosen because of our ability to implement a Strategic Meetings Management programme across the entire organisation, and in this instance, streamline the process for booking and organising its
meetings and events.

Key information:


Strategic Meetings Management across the entire organisation

Stakeholder profile:

HQ team and affiliated offices


Our client runs multiple events each year, ranging from small internal training sessions, to large international clinical meetings – providing us with plenty of variables to consider. On top of that, its existing meetings and events were arranged by a variety of staff across different offices, meaning various suppliers were being used.

With standards and consistency consequently slipping in key areas – in addition to spend not being recorded accurately – we certainly had our work cut out.


Cost management

We collected data on the company’s outgoings, and were able to show detailed analytics of how and where they were spending money, as well as suggest areas for savings. And, by consolidating a long list of meeting vendors into a condensed selection of preferred suppliers, we were able to demonstrate significant cost savings and efficiencies.

Strategic planning and training

We produced a tailored Meetings Management policy for the client, which outlined the new company procedures and compliance measures for planning events. In addition, to ensure delivery, we used our virtual training portal to educate all staff on the new policy.

Risk mitigation and compliancy

A crisis management plan was introduced to address the growing risk of incidents overseas, and their effect on company employees travelling for meetings. A Small Planet compliance manager was allocated to ensure the client, and the way in which they handle events in the healthcare sector, remains in line with constantly changing guidelines and regulations.

Successful implementation

An account manager from Small Planet ensured the smooth implementation of the programme, and regular review meetings have allowed for adjustments and improvements to be introduced. As a result of our work, a saving of 19% on meeting and event spend was achieved across the company within the first financial year.

We’ve worked with a wide range of high profile organisations, on a variety of different projects. But due to the confidential nature of the work with our clients, we are unfortunately unable to name them on our website. While we’re unable to reveal their identities, if you’d like to ask any questions about the case studies presented here, please feel free to contact us.