Case Studies

Organising a results and investigator meeting for 600 participants

A large European pharmaceutical company in Vienna asked us to organise a results and investigator meeting for 600 participants.

With such a large number of guests split across four back-to-back plenary days, and three large off-site dinners, we were the favoured choice due to our expertise in bringing together people, places and information to create a unified experience.

Key information:


Combined results/investigator meeting for a large European pharmaceutical company




600 participants

Stakeholder profile:

Physician teams from 33 EU and ASIA/PACIFIC countries
Large sponsor HQ and affiliate team

Event programme:

3 large off-site dinners


Organising an event of this magnitude always presents its various challenges, and in this case the most notable was the arrangement of four back-to-back meetings – with a number of overlapping delegates.

With understandably complex registration and travel requirements, we had to manage them with care. Add to that the need for plenary and workshops in each meeting, the emerging use of iPad technology, and 3 off-site dinners, and it’s clear to see we had our work cut out.


Branding and communication

We implemented the customer’s branding and guidelines in welcome packs and venue pieces to communicate key images and messages.

Delegate management service

Our planning team implemented a cloud-based technology platform to address the complex registration and reporting requirements.

On-site management

The on-site team successfully managed hospitality requirements, including many participants arriving and leaving twice; an area with an iPad questionnaire facility; and the numerous requirements of different cultural groups.

Logistics management

We planned the smooth flow of different groups, rotations, transfers and dinner arrangements with the venue, and our on-site team managed them successfully.

The feedback I received from the team was extremely positive about Small Planet. You delivered an outstandingly high service, were very attentive to everybody and had a very good oversight of the meeting. Furthermore, I really enjoyed working with you.

Project Manager for a large pharmaceutical company

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