Case Studies

Managing a global programme for a leading biotech company

Small Planet was briefed to develop and manage a multi-event, multi-national programme of international customer training events for a leading biotech company.

We were offered the programme because of our ability to respond to the complexity of requirements; because of several recommendations; and because of our capabilities in delivering scheduling, technology platforms, and 24/7 registration and reporting online.

Key information:


9 months; 15 customer training events for a US-based biotech company


Worldwide, covering USA, Latin America, Australia and Europe


200-250 participants at 10 of the events;
30 participants at 6 stakeholder dinners

Stakeholder profile:

Physician, coordinator and rater teams from relevant countries
Large sponsor HQ team
CRO HQ and affiliate team
5 training vendors

Event programme:

1 plenary day
2 rater training days covering 3 scales
Additional video training and device demonstrations


With no existing plenary management in place, and a programme that included many different participant variables, our first priority was to simplify matters. We then needed to ensure the plenary day itself was engaging – a tall order, with 10 hours of straight presentations.

We also had to deal with many language requirements, complex registration needs and the fact that raters were validated for training at very short notice.


Effective scheduling and programming

We immediately engaged with the customer to develop an effective scheduling and programme management
solution; eventually we replaced the CRO by developing a schedule and allocating participants.

Delegate management service

Our planning team successfully enhanced the existing CVENT cloud-based technology platform to address
complex registration and reporting requirements; on-site, a branded Personal Agenda was created to deliver
specific schedule information to each participant.

Programme delivery

We engaged with key stakeholders to revive the plenary programme, resulting in a tighter, shorter agenda
focussed on delivering key messages and engaging the audience. Our Training Director engaged with all
speakers to critique and improve slideshows and to provide stagecraft and presentation skills training on-site.

Effective technology platform

Small Planet introduced iPads and developed applications to:

Manage Q&A and table-based workshops

Generate commentary and discussion
Provide an information portal for agendas, speaker biographies and training documents
Facilitate video broadcast & playback, thereby addressing language requirements

We very much appreciated your level of engagement and participation in the programs. It has been great to work with your team. I think we have developed a good formula, so please pass my compliments to your team.

Chief Medical Officer, US-based Pharmaceutical Company

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