Case Studies

Building a multilingual online platform to deliver remote training and testing

Our client approached us to design a multi-lingual online training portal, which is accessible 24/7, and facilitates learning, testing and accreditation for HCPs within 24 hours of go-live.

We rose to the challenge, creating a portal that has in-built gateways to address the stepped progress requirement. We also made sure that each HCP only has visibility of the modules that are relevant to their
training needs.

Key information:


Building a virtual training portal that is accessible 24/7


900 HCPs are trained each year

Stakeholder profile:

Physicians, nurse specialists and the client’s HQ team


Our client runs multiple studies for home healthcare specialists every year. Therefore, the diverse geography of the HCPs, and the continuous enrolment of new patients, meant that face-to-face training programmes were not an option – leading us to have to think outside the box.

What’s more, each HCP has differing training requirements, and they have to complete the modules in a specific order, which meant a bespoke approach was required to ensure success.


Simplicity and ease-of-use

The portal we created offers a simple training and education solution, for what is an incredibly complex program. Now in its fourth year of operation, the portal has proved easy to use and popular with HCPs.

Cost effectiveness

Overall, the facility is cost effective when compared with face-to-face training options. What’s more, training can be certified online, and full data analytics are available – idea for tracking organisation-wide progress and
performance analytics.


Our virtual training portal was designed to be convenient. Users can access the portal at any time to take their relevant training. And for clients, the training modules can be easily adjusted, increased and replaced.


We built the system to accept powerpoint, video and other presentation formats, to ensure every user feels comfortable – and to ensure that training is of the highest standard. We also included multilingual options, to address the practical needs of an international project.

We’ve worked with a wide range of high profile organisations, on a variety of different projects. But due to the confidential nature of the work with our clients, we are unfortunately unable to name them on our website. While we’re unable to reveal their identities, if you’d like to ask any questions about the case studies presented here, please feel free to contact us.