Case Studies

Arranging a multi-national programme of training events for a Phase III Study

A US-based biotech company asked us to arrange and manage a multi-event, multi-national programme of international customer training events for a Phase III study.

With a total of 24 countries and 15 different languages to consider, we were chosen because of our experience in dealing with high-level, complicated meetings of this nature – and because of our consistent attention to detail.

Key information:


3 large training events involving 24 countries (with 15 different languages) for a US-based biotech company


Worldwide, covering the USA and Europe


200-250 participants at each event

Stakeholder profile:

Physician, coordinator and rater teams from relevant countries
Large sponsor HQ team
CRO HQ & affiliate team

Event programme:

1 plenary day
2 rater training days covering 2 scales
Additional video training and device demonstrations


This project brought with it many different participant variables, as well as some very complex language requirements. These included a plenary delivered in English and up to five additional languages; rater training delivered in multiple languages; and videos in various languages with translated questions in English.

In addition, raters were validated for training at very short notice, and there was no controlled registration management system in place. As if that wasn’t demanding enough, we also had to handle three back-to-back meetings, and the emerging use of iPad technology.


Effective scheduling

We immediately engaged with the customer to develop an effective scheduling management solution across the programmes – due to the HQ teams needing to be present at all local meetings for delivery.

Delegate management service

Our planning team successfully introduced a cloud-based technology platform to address the lack of controlled registration and reporting requirements; this gave personnel contact with the participants for their travel and accommodation needs; on-site, the same member of staff was able to manage the welcome desk and ensure

Project management

We engaged a dedicated team across the three programmes to maintain continuity, providing the HQ project team with economies of scale – and lessons learned from meeting to meeting – to demonstrate continuous improvement.

Branding and communication

Small Planet implemented the customer’s branding and guidelines in welcome packs and venue pieces to communicate key images and messages.

It is an absolute pleasure working with Small Planet. They go the extra mile to ensure unreasonable expectations are met, and are always patient with last minute requests. They take it all in their stride and provide reassurance that we are always in a safe hands.

Associate Project Director, CRO

We’ve worked with a wide range of high profile organisations, on a variety of different projects. But due to the confidential nature of the work with our clients, we are unfortunately unable to name them on our website. While we’re unable to reveal their identities, if you’d like to ask any questions about the case studies presented here, please feel free to contact us.