Case Studies

Managing a global programme for a leading biotech company

Discover how we managed a nine-month global programme for a leading US biotech firm – organising 15 meetings of between 200-250 delegates each. The programme included one day plenary and two rater days covering three scales.

“We very much appreciated your level of engagement and participation in the programmes… we have developed a great formula.”

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Inspiring customers with a multi-national training programme

See how we worked with a French-based pharmaceutical company to action 26 local customer training events – with 30-70 participants in each – as part of a multi-national programme across a 15-month period.

“We think that you’re looking after this important programme very well; and you are very much part of the team now.”

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Organising a results and investigator meeting for 600 participants

Learn how we organised a combined results and investigator meeting for a large European pharmaceutical company, for 600 participants – with four back-to-back plenary days and three large off-site dinners in Vienna.

“Small Planet delivered an outstandingly high service, were very attentive to everybody and had a very good oversight of the meeting.”

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Arranging a multi-national programme of training events for a Phase III Study

Find out how we arranged and managed three large training events for a Phase III study for a US-based biotech company – which involved a total of 24 countries and 15 different languages.

“Small Planet go the extra mile to ensure unreasonable expectations are met, and are always patient with last minute requests.”

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Streamlining a company’s event processes and procedures

Discover how we implemented a Strategic Meetings Management programme across an entire
organisation – and achieved a saving of 19% on meeting and event spend within the first financial year.


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Building a multilingual online platform to deliver remote training and testing

Find out how we designed and built an online training portal, which facilitates learning, testing and accreditation for HCPs – and features architecture that enables individual programming.


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We've worked with a wide range of high profile organisations, on a variety of different projects. But due to the confidential nature of the work with our clients, we are unfortunately unable to name them on our website. While we're unable to reveal their identities, if you'd like to ask any questions about the case studies presented here, please feel free to contact us.