What to look for in 2018

Clare Morrow, February

The meeting and events industry is constantly changing. And as event planners it is our job to know the trends so we can provide the best experience – for you as well as for your participants.

So, as we are now beginning to make our way well and truly into 2018, we thought it time to take a look at some of the trends that could help shape the coming months…

1. Safety first

The wellbeing of staff and meeting attendees during an event has always been of utmost importance.

However, with the constantly growing threat from terrorism, more and more companies are putting formal ‘Crisis Management Plans’ at the top of the agenda.

Although it is difficult to predict every emergency, a comprehensive contingency plan – and insuring all stakeholders and staff know the procedures – will help to mitigate some of the major risks and concerns.

2. Strategic Management Programmes (SMMP)

This term has been floating around for a while now – and the update below goes into a bit more detail than we will here.

However, if you haven’t already, 2018 is the year to take a closer look at the value of such a programme.

The principal of SMMP is simple: streamline your company meeting procedures and processes, retain and reduce costs and mitigate regulatory risk. Implementing it is even easier.

3. Reducing budgets, greater expectations

Meal caps and accommodation budgets have been shrunk for many meetings…. although expectations certainly haven’t.

Venues are catching on to this new trend, and adopting tailored menus and rates for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry.

But how long can venues continue to meet these dipping budgets? Where is their ROI? We’d like to suggest what you need is a really good meetings planner to help uncover the hidden gems…

4. Participant Engagement

Although not a particularly new trend, the drive to increase audience engagement and participation continues to grow in 2018.

Greater engagement translates to a better overall experience, which is essential to Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. The industry is saturated with so many competitor events. The challenge, therefore, is how to stand out.

If you would like some ideas, can we suggest our ‘The Art of Remarkable Meetings’ eBook, under ‘Resources‘…

5. Compliance

Another trend that continues to follow the Healthcare industry, is compliance.

The Sunshine Act and EFPIA guidelines now shaping Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies’ meetings mean full transparency on meeting spend is still on everyone’s radar.

But a tight budget don’t have to impact the relative success of your event. You just have to be clever in how you spend it.

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